Parsing a reply

Basic type

struct tnt_reply

Base reply object.

struct tnt_reply {
    const char * buf;
    size_t buf_size;
    uint64_t code;
    uint64_t sync;
    uint64_t schema_id;
    const char * error;
    const char * error_end;
    const char * data;
    const char * data_end;
const char *tnt_reply.buf

Pointer to a buffer with the reply data. It’s needed for the function tnt_reply().

size_t tnt_reply.buf_size

Size of the buffer with reply data, in bytes. It’s needed for the function tnt_reply().

uint64_t tnt_reply.code

The return code of a query.

If code == 1, then it’s ok, but the read buffer was not big enough for the reply data, so data and data_end are set.

If code == 0 then it’s ok.

If code < 0, then it’s not ok, so error and error_end may be set. If they are not set, then it’s a network error. Use the macro TNT_REPLY_ERROR to convert it to an error code.

uint64_t tnt_reply.sync

Sync of a query. Generated automatically when the query is sent, and so it comes back with the reply.

uint64_t tnt_reply.schema_id

Schema ID of a query. This is the number of the schema revision.

const char *tnt_reply.error
const char *tnt_reply.error_end

Pointers to an error string in case of code != 0. See all error codes in the file /src/box/errcode.h) in the main Tarantool project.

const char *
const char *tnt_reply.data_end

data is the processed reply data. This is a MessagePack object. Parse it with any msgpack library, e.g. msgpuck.

data_end is the offset for further reading in case the read buffer was not big enough for the reply data. Corresponds to the value returned in the off argument of the tnt_reply() function.

Manipulating a reply

struct tnt_reply *tnt_reply_init(struct tnt_reply *r)

Initialize a reply request.

void tnt_reply_free(struct tnt_reply *r)

Free a reply request.

int tnt_reply(struct tnt_reply *r, char *buf, size_t size, size_t *off)

Parse size bytes of an iproto reply from the buffer buf (it must contain a full reply).

In off, return the number of bytes remaining in the reply (if processed all size bytes), or the number of processed bytes (if processing failed).

int tnt_reply_from(struct tnt_reply *r, tnt_reply_t rcv, void *ptr)

Parse an iproto reply from the rcv callback and with the context ptr.


Return an error code (number, shifted right) converted from tnt_reply.code.